Invest pre-IPO

Invest like the wealthy elite before a company goes public

RGI Investment can give you access to exclusive pre-IPO Investment opportunities, starting at a low entry price.

 Invest in well-known unicorn companies such as SpaceX, Kraken, Stripe or Impossible Foods before they go public and secure the exclusive chance of returns, that are usually only privileged for the wealthy investment-elite like private equity companies, angel investors and family offices. The following chart shows a few historic examples of returns pre-IPO investors made.

General investors information

The investment process is fast, easy and all digital!

With years of client-focused financial experience, we pride ourselves on our transparency and goal-oriented approach. Our financial professionals help you choose pre-IPO shares that suit your investing style, risk tolerance and goals. 

Minimum investments vary, some pre-IPO offerings have a lower or higher price-point. Please contact us for current offerings through WhatsApp/Telegram  (+49 163 6246332), where we also provide a pre-IPO Info-Channel or via Email (info@rgi-investment.com).

For more details, please get in touch with one of our sophisticated advisors

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