"Build up wealth with regular contributions into a plan that works”

Private retirement planning is a very important aspect for everyone. Especially if you live and work abroad as an expat, the government pension is very often low.

 It is therefore enormously important to plan your retirement in a timely and professional manner, so that after a long working life you can enjoy your later years as you wish.
 Our team at RGI Investment is specialised on expats and offer each of our clients a comprehensive and professional Retirement Planning service. 

We analyse all existing assets as well as existing retirement schemes.
 Subsequently, the individual retirement goal of the client is discussed and defined in detail.
This is followed by the exact calculation of the pension gap and the creation of an individual pension concept to reach the financial goal.
It is a matter of principle for us that we accompany each of our clients in the long term in achieving their financial goals.
You have existing SIPP or QROPS investments and need someone to manage them for you. Lets take a look at it and make your existing products work better for you.
We can also show you possibilities to save costs in your existing pension and increase the performance.
Regular savings plan RGI
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